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Draft List


Guinness-Stout ABV 4.3% 

St. James Gate Dublin, Ireland

BoddingtonsCream Golden Pale ABV 4.7%-Manchester, England

Harp-Lager– ABV 5%- Dublin, Ireland

Smithwick’s- Irish Red Ale

ABV 4.5%- Dublin, Ireland 

Magners Pear- Pear Cider 

ABV 4.5% – Tipperary, Ireland

KilkennyNitro Irish Cream Ale 

ABV 4.3%- Guinness in Dublin,Ireland

Brewed in the United Kingdom

Signature Blends

Black & Tan– Guinness/Harp

Blacksmith – Guinness/Smithwick’s

Irish American– Guinness Blonde/Guinness

Snake Bite – Guinness/Magners Pear 

Black Velvet – Guinness/Champagne


Guinness Blonde- Blonde Ale- ABV 4.3%- Guinness in Baltimore, MD

Dragon’s Milk- American Imperial Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout

ABV 11%-New Holland in Michigan

Hoegaarden- Original White Ale Wheat Beer (Witbier)- ABV 4.9%

Belgium Village of Hoegaarden

Wheat Beer (Witbier)- ABV 4.9%

Belgium Village of Hoegaarden

Rotating Drafts 

Cormac’s Revenge- 

Our very own NITRO

 Irish Cream Stout- 

ABV 5% Seven Sirens, Bethlehem, PA

Warlock Pumpkin Imperial Stout– ABV 8.6%- Southern Tier in Lakewood, NY

Banana Bread, Fruit Beer- ABV 5.2%- Charles Wells in Bedford, Bedford

Punkin Ale– ABV 7%- Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, DE

NITRO Breakfast Stout-

 Double Chocolate Coffee Oatmeal Stout– ABV 8.3%

Founders in Detroit, MI

Cloud Walker Hazy Juicy IPA- 

ABV 6.8%- Victory in Downingtown, PA

Orange Crushin It- American IPA

ABV 8%

Cape May Brewery in Cape May, NJ

Free Will in Perkasie, PA

Fresh Haze IPA– ABV6.5%

Deschutes in Portland Oregon

Don’t forget to fill your Growler


Red Stag Pub