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Whiskey Menu

“There are two things a Highlander likes naked,
and one of them is Whiskey”
~ Scottish Proverb

Whether you’re looking to try a Whiskey from Scotland, Ireland, Japan (yes, we have whiskey from Japan), or even the United States, we have over 200 VARIETIES!  

Browse our Whiskey Menu by simply clicking on each tab pertaining to the type of Whiskey.  

A Nip, a Toot, a Tot, a Half…or just a Wee Dram.
What is the exact measure of OUR dram?

“Dram” is a Scottish slang term for ‘a measure of spirits’. In this case it’s a 1.5 fluid ounce pour.

I’ve been coming to the Red Stag Pub for over five years now. I have watched the journey the Pub has taken over that time. The staff is always pleasant and knowledgeable about the many offerings the Pub provides. Every time I step through the front door it’s like feeling a little piece of Ireland right here in Bethlehem. But, in the end, it’s the great food and welcome feeling that keeps me coming back over and over again.

Shane McGowan


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